The COVID-19 pandemic made a different lifestyle. Most Indonesians study and work from home, although some still have to do activities outside the home. COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease and the number of cases caused by this virus make significant changes for the wider community. The government’s advice to stay at home makes all activities hampered. However, the increasingly sophisticated technology today makes activities that can overcome these obstacles. Although not 100% resolved, activities can do almost all activities at home thanks to the help of technology.

Studying, working, communicating, even shopping can now be done from home using smartphones or laptops. That’s right; it’s almost all online now. Of course, nearly all the lifestyles of the community have changed since this virus arises. 


What lifestyle do you want?

Since the pandemic hit, anyone has been advised to stay home. The ‘stay at home’ appeal is the most effective way to prevent Covid-19 transmission. However, although effective to reduce the rate of spread, continuing to be at home can also hurt many people. Continuously being at home is said to trigger the development of some physical disorders.

Being at home for a long time unknowingly makes the body limp, weakens the heart and lungs, even damages brain function. Are you going to get used to your body in this condition?

What lifestyle can I afford?

The body that is accustomed to not much movement will cause your body to get weaker. To move a little will be easy to get tired. It won’t be good in the long run.

So what can you do to make your body no longer feel tired? First, you have to start changing lifestyle habits that you have done during your frequent time in the house. Start with a simple thing to create quickly, such as getting up from a seat occasionally in an hour and taking a walk stretching muscles for a moment. 


Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is essential to implement, as it can not only protect yourself from a variety of diseases, but it is also suitable for mental health. A person’s lifestyle is generally influenced by habits or lifestyle and daily activities. For example, a solid routine can affect diet, sleep time to cause stress.

Over time, this habit can impact the body’s endurance and trigger various health problems. Therefore, it is essential to implement a healthy lifestyle every day so that the health of the body is maintained.

Here are 8 steps you can apply in living a healthy lifestyle:

1. Know the current health condition

Know your current health condition, ranging from medical history, allergies to chronic diseases suffered.

2. Do physical activity

Experts recommend that everyone exercise for at least 150 minutes each week to tighten muscles. Therefore, take the time to exercise. Training can also not necessarily be a heavy, light activity such as walking, cycling, or going up and downstairs in between busyness.

3. Record the food consumed

You are advised to eat various fruits and vegetables, at least 4 servings of fruits and 5 servings of vegetables in a day as part of a healthy lifestyle.

4. Look at social life

The social environment can be a place to exchange ideas, complain, find solutions, to express opinions. Therefore, take the time to chat with the closest people.

5. Break bad habits

Unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages, can negatively impact health. Slowly reduce this habit.

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6. Consumption of healthy food and adequate fluid needs

Consumption of healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruits regularly, to meet the body’s nutritional needs. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. The fulfilment of body fluids can maintain the function of all organs and prevent various diseases, such as dehydration and constipation.

7. Manage stress

You can learn to manage your mind by taking time to relax, either by doing hobbies or doing meditation. Being grateful for the things that have been achieved and have can also make the soul calmer.

8. Get enough time off

Getting enough rest is the key to realizing a healthy body and mind. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours every night and wake up at the same time. Taking a warm bath, reading a book, or listening to music can be a bedtime activity that helps the body to rest.

Why lifestyle changes are important

Changing your lifestyle will make you better than ever. By recognizing your previous habits, you can sort out which ones should be changed for the better just as weight problems may go up; if you feel that, you can change your weight gain to be more stable.

So, you gain weight, but there are also good things besides that that make you healthier. Therefore, it’s okay if you experience weight, as long as you stay healthy.

Why lifestyle to health and wellness is important

If you are sick, then you will be limited to doing many things, which is why health is so important in your life. However, living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. One of the most challenging things to do is to maintain these healthy living habits. The desire to start a healthy lifestyle may decrease when the intention is not strong enough.

Therefore, it takes discipline and a solid commitment to live it. The support of the closest people can also help you to continue to live this healthy lifestyle. 

Making a healthy lifestyle a part of everyday life can bring many benefits to your health. You can consult a doctor to arrange a healthy food menu that suits your needs and health condition as a first step.