It turns out that shopping does not always end up wasteful. On the contrary, shopping can be your way to double your money, because this hobby can have value, as long as you choose the correct item. Here are some shopping lists that can be an investment for you in the future.

1. Shoes

Usually, shoes are with world famous brands that have high interest. However, significantly if it has changed its status to limited edition or is no longer produced, some of them are not just to wear them, but make shoes as an investment in the future.

Some of these brands can be an investment for you:

  • Valentino Rockstud Heels

The price of this shoe is worth £620 or about Rp 8.9 million. shopping shopping

  • Chanel Ballet Pumps

Flat shoes with knit models from Chanel are priced at £430 or around Rp 6 million.

  • Chloé Susanna Boots

Light brown shoes with gold bead accents are priced at £800.

2. Watch

A well-maintained branded watch can have long-term investment value. But, most importantly, you can take good care of it so that the selling value will be high.

Here are some brands you can choose for shopping:

  • Breitling Navitimer

Price: US$ 5,385 or Rp 75.36 million

Estimated Price Growth for 10 Years: 30%

Profit after 10 years : US$ 1.615 or Rp 22,60 million

  • Rolex Submariner

Price : US$ 7.500 or Rp 104,96 million

Estimated Price Growth for 10 Years : 50%

Profit after 10 years : US$ 2.550 or Rp 35,68 million

  • Omega Cosmic Triple Calendar

Price : US$ 5.500 atau Rp 76,97 juta

Estimated Price Growth for 10 Years : 50-55%

Profit after 10 years : Maximum US $ 3,023 or Rp 42.30 million

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3. Branded Bag

These tips you can use before shopping for branded bags for investment:

  • Choose a famous brand

Well-known brands such as Hermès, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton are some of the best-selling brands on the market.

  • Taking care of the bag

Take good care of the bag, such as keeping the bag in a decent place and having suitable air temperature or washing the load according to the procedure. You can also find out other ways by asking the store where you bought the bag or over the internet.

  • Choosing the right time

If you have a classic and timeless bag model, you don’t have to worry about falling prices against your bag. Because, such models tend to be stable.

Sell bags when they are no longer on the market so that your bag can be highly valued and become the most sought-after item on the market.

  • Choose a medium to market according to the target.

Luxury bags like this can indeed be said to be very segmented. Not many people are looking for and willing to spend money on items like this. Instead, celebrities, entrepreneurs, or social groups are the right market to sell your luxury handbags.

Start by promoting through your own social media accounts, or it could be through e-commerce that is already famous for its original products, not too high commissions.

4. Jewelry

Like property, the price of gold is getting higher and higher. You can use it to invest in decoration. In addition to the investment, the decoration can also use decoration in any event.

Do the following tips to make your shopping to be the good investment:

  • Know the current price of jewelry

Know first the latest price of gold that day because it constantly fluctuates. It is recommended to buy gold when the price is not soaring.

  • Watch the rust level.

The higher the rust level, the higher the proportion of gold in jewelry.

According to international standards, the purity of gold is as follows:

– 24-carat gold composition: pure gold (99.99%)

– 22-carat gold composition: 91.7% gold mixed with other materials 8.3% (usually silver)

– 20 carat gold composition: 83.3% gold

– 18 carat gold composition: 75% gold

– 16 carat gold composition: 66.6% gold

– 14 carat gold composition: 58.5% gold

– 9 carat gold composition: 37.5% gold.

  • Make sure the condition of the gold to be purchased

In addition to the rust level, one must also be observant to see the overall shape when buying gold jewelry. Make sure there are no defects or scratches.

  • Avoid buying gold-plated jewelry.

Gold plated jewelry is usually non-gold jewelry whose surface is coated in gold, and most of the content is only 10 carats.

In addition to the primary material, this type of jewelry should be avoided because of its vulnerable durability, depending on the thickness and thin layer of gold on the surface. Increasingly used, a gold coating may lose it, so it is not suitable for investment.