Supreme is the writing with the red logo that is visible from the right and left side

Look up and that, there’s a red logo that says Supreme.

To the shopping center, see the young people wearing Supreme clothes, whether real or fake.

To the skatepark, almost everything packed trinkets that read Supreme.

In essence, this brand has gone global in the western world and Indonesia.

However, not many know the history of the formation of Supreme, the person behind the brand, to the vision and mission of the brand.

So, Supreme was formed as a skateboarding supply store as well as streetwear clothing.

How supreme started

Founded in New York, the U.S.A. in April 1994, this brand wants to be part of or automatically become part of hip hop culture, punk rock to a culture that involves young people.

James Jebbia is the culprit. He is a man who was born in the United States but lived in England until he was 19 years old.

Where supreme made

Supreme’s first store was founded on Lafayette Street in Manhattan in 1994.

The store was designed so that skaters could enter the store while looking around for this products.

As reported by, it took about $12,000 to open Supreme’s first store.

Supreme’s first employee was Gio Estevez.

Speaking of employee issues, there are funny stories about them.

A young boy named Aaron Bondaroff was expelled from school in 1992. Later, he was caught stealing at Union and became an employee at this brand in 1994.

So, how did Jebbia learn to do business well?

Jebbia learned about the retail industry when she worked at a Parachute store in SoHo with Eddie Cruz, now the founder of Undefeated.

Moreover, before founding Supreme, Jebbia also founded Union, one of the pioneers of Streetwear products in the world.

Jebbia also helped open the Stussy store in New York in 1991.

So, it’s clear Jebbia has good experience in setting up a brand that can affect young people.

Maybe some of you think what the hell supreme is. But, for supreme fashion collectors, this has a very high appeal.

As a result, every Supreme releases the latest products, long queues occur. Some even wait 2 days before the store opens. It also caused traffic around stores in New York to be disrupted due to the long lines.

The products released by Supreme are also quite strange, ranging from motorcycle helmets, bricks, hammers, t-shirts, jackets, shoes, panties to crowbars. Although it sounds odd, the products released always sell out in less than a month.

Supreme to global

Supreme is known for its extensive collaborations, for example, with Visvim, Comme des Garons, Stussy, Nike, Vans. Even in 2017, supreme had worked with the world’s number 1 brand Louis Vuitton in releasing Supreme x Louis Vuitton logo box hoodies, priced at a retail price of USD 860, and resell prices reached $ 25,000 USD fantastic price comparison, of course.

Supreme currently has 9 official outlets located in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo, and due to limited access for each collection, streetwear fans are known to queue through the night just to get their favorite items. This brand also collaborated with various world-famous artists such as Justin Bieber, Nas, Tyler, the Creator, and Kanye West. It causes tremendous influence for young people, which ultimately leads to soaring demand and interest in the market.

The amount of orders in the market causes retail prices to increase. High retail prices and restricted items, causing the emergence of resellers that caused this brand prices to skyrocket in demand. Even retail items that cost $ 500 USD can be sold again at prices reaching thousands of dollars for each piece.

Beyond that, this brand has proven itself as a brand known for its quality, style, and authenticity, and not forgetting to maintain its exclusivity. Throughout its twenty-three years of competing in the market,this brand has worked closely with some of its most famous designers, artists, photographers, and musicians from generation to generation, who continue to distinguish them from other streetwear brands with their unique identities.

The uniqueness of the Supreme brand also appeals to the audience, including:

It takes $12,000 to open a store

Since its opening in 1994, Supreme has become a global phenomenon. But, do you know how much money Jebbia needed to open her first store? According to Jebbia, he only needed 12 thousand U.S. dollars to open Supreme’s first store located on Lafayette Street, New York.

There are always long lines when Supreme releases a product

The brand, which is inspired by the typical style of dress of young urban Americans, is famous as a brand that always manages to sell out its products.

Even every time this brand releases a new product, there is always a long line waiting for its products. Not only that but there are also some buyers who are willing to wait for one day before the store opens. As a result, traffic around this brand stores is always disrupted due to queues along with these two blocks.

Supreme once sold bricks.

Not only fashion items such as t-shirts, jackets, shoes, panties, and socks, this brand has also sold quite strange items, some of which are hammers, to crowbars.

In fact, some time ago, this brand had stirred the public for selling bricks at a price of 30 U.S. dollars or around Rp 400 thousand. In fact, a lot of people are willing to spend that much and resell it at a higher price. If you look at the eBay page, you can definitely see the highest selling price of this brand bricks that reached 1,000 US dollars.

Worn by the world’s celebrities

Another reason that makes this brand so popular is the number of celebrities in the world who use Supreme products. If you noticed during the last Paris Fashion Week event, Kanye West appeared to be wearing a green jacket patterned with long from Supreme.

Not to be outdone by her father, North West, daughters Kanye West and Kim Kardashian also appeared stylish in a t-shirt from this brand.

Supreme and Louis Vuitton

Queues extended in Bondi, Sydney, at the weekend. Some of them are even willing to spend the night to be the first to get items from this year’s most awaited collaboration collection, Louis Vuitton X Supreme.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, one of those who spent the night there revealed he wanted to get items like wallets and scarves for himself, then friends and sold again if he managed to get some items.

This is nothing new anymore at the premiere of the most awaited collection of fashion lovers. If the original T-shirt was only $700, then someone could have resold it to someone else for double that, $1400. There are even those who do not hesitate to sell it up to the U.S. $ 2800, and there are still those who want to buy because they do not want to join the queue.

The collaboration collection between LV and Supreme became the most targeted because the two are quite the opposite and have a history that is quite intersecting. Louis Vuitton is a French luxury label, while Supreme is a New York streetwear label.

The collaboration collection won’t be available in the next few weeks, but the capsule collection or some of them was launched over the weekend at eight pop-up stores in several countries: Paris, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, and Sydney.

The launch of this capsule collection received an enthusiastic reception and long queues. According to the L.A. Times, the this brand label has climbed in popularity since it began to be worn by a number of celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, Drake, Kanye West, Pharrel Williams, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna.

This collaboration is no longer surprising new news. Some items from the collection have also been featured before at a fashion show in Paris in January as part of the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2017 fashion show.

From the collection, there is a striking with the placement of the Supreme logo that is quite large in several items ranging from shirts, T-shirts to bags and shoes.

The Supreme crib logo was followed at the bottom by a Louis Vuitton monogram. Supreme, through his Instagram account, has also shared footage of fashion pieces from the collaboration collection, including a red and white leather jacket with the logo of both labels.

This collaboration collection extends not only to fashion but also includes key toys, mobile phone cases, and even wallets to backpacks.

The collaboration of the two can be said to be an awkward one because, however, this brand at the beginning of its emergence from skate culture in New York by founder James Jebbia in 1994. Their food history is much different from Louis Vuitton’s. It even stumbled on a patent case with LV in 2000.

However, the rise in supreme popularity now makes the French luxury label not reluctant to invite cooperation.

Supreme is love

A supreme brand must be familiar to your ears. This streetwear-focused fashion retailer has many fans from different parts of the world. 2 things that really stand out from this brand to show their love for the fans are:

Very limited stock

This brand was like any other American streetwear brand until 1994. Its customers came from the skateboarding community and young people. The keyword that makes this brand so beloved is ‘limited edition.

The price offered at the beginning of production is actually very affordable, but the this brand is very famous in the stock of goods is very limited. This brand is indeed made very exclusive and only intended for some people.

This is what makes the price of his resell soar.   Just like fashion trends in general, Supreme leverages the popularity of celebrities to peddle their products. Quoted from Harpers Bazaar Singapore, A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, and Kanye West are the figures behind Supreme’s success. In addition to the skateboarding community, this brand is also very loved by hip hop lovers who are very developed in the United States.  

Hypebeast Influence

One of the factors that make this brand so famous is the influence of the hypebeast community or the sneaker lover community. In addition to releasing its own sneaker products, this brand also collaborates with Nike, Vans, and more.  Thanks to the massive development of sneaker lovers with very high purchasing ability, two magic words, namely ‘limited edition,’ became the reason why this brand is so hunted to have.

Collaboration has been the keyword for the success of the fashion industry in recent years, and this is also Supreme’s marketing strategy. Quoted from, the beginning of Supreme’s collaboration was in 1998 with the Sarcastic brand.  In 2007, Supreme began collaborating with fashion and sports accessories retailer FILA and went on to Nike, The North Face, Original Fake, Levi’s, Timberland, Lacoste, and Louis Vuitton luxury brands.

Supreme for lovers


Almost every Supreme fan is asked why they are happy with this one brand. Surely the answer given is the ‘Hype’ factor. Because this product is considered cool and popular. This is also evident on the Red Carpet. This brand becomes a very valuable and valuable asset to be worn by other pop artists and rappers.

In addition to marketing its own products, this brand also often collaborates with well-known brands such as Nike, Clarks, Louis Vuitton, and Vans for shoes. For his own jacket, this brand also collaborated with Commes des Garcons and A.P.C. for jeans.

This brand is also supported by leading fashion media publications, one of which G.Q. Style Magazine has named Supreme as “the coolest Streetwear brand in the world.”

But behind the strength of this Supreme brand, its marketing strategy is also influential in forming brand exclusivity. Actually, the strategy is only to make rare products. “If we can sell it for 600 pcs, then we’re going to produce 400 pcs, that’s the way we are,” said James Jebbia, founder of Supreme.

Supreme’s prowess is good at positioning itself for difficulty in obtaining its products. Although actually, the market demand is very great. This brand has also always been consistent in producing its products in very limited quantities.

One pcs design of a product will only be produced and sold in one release only. At other times, it will not be resold. This brand implements a special system in selling his goods so that one cannot buy more than one product at once.

This is what makes the classic logo in the form of a red box that says Supreme as a marker for lovers who use it has assets that have fantastic value.

James Jebbia also explained that Supreme lovers love the product because of its good quality. He was also surprised when people who find it difficult to accept the fact that Supreme fans are trying to get the product he wants, “There are no special tricks, everything is about a good product.”