At Apple Event 2021, the Cupertino, California-based company introduced four iPhone 13 models at once. The four models are iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. They also provide several choices of color series and internal loads. Of course, they have different prices, but this will make customers more interested in buying and selling. Various kinds of variations have been provided by Apple because the standard prices vary according to the specifications of each item.

iPhone 13 Pink

This series is not a new variant from Apple but has been around since 2020, to be precise when the iPhone 12 was launched, but not too much in demand by the public, but on the iPhone 13, there are more fans for colors, but what happened last year was different, the series iPhone 12 buyers are less interested in the pink series, and not only provided for the phone series, but the iMac also has a pink series launch.Best color in this

iPhone 13 Color Pink

It’s no stranger to the world community that Apple launched a color choice with a color phone series that many women like, namely pink. Actually, this color has been there before, but it seems less attractive. Finally, by Apple in Series 13, they processed it into several pink color choices, including Rose Pink, Pink, and Rosegold Pink. Unlike the case with the 12 series, which only provides one choice of pink, which ultimately attracts less attention from Apple customers, of course. This pink series is only available on cellphones and iMacs. Apart from that, they haven’t launched a pink color yet.Series iPhone 13 pro max provides Special Color of Girl.

iPhone 13 Touch ID

iPhone 13 relies solely on Face ID for biometric authentication. Why doesn’t the iPhone 13 T have a Touch ID on the iPhone 13 screen? According to many online, not including Touch ID on the iPhone 13 is a big loss for Apple. Face ID is still a great feature, but in a world where a lot of people wear masks in public, having Touch ID is also very convenient. At home without a mask? Use Face ID. Out and around with a mask? Use Touch ID. This is a stupid-sounding concept for Apple to ignore. However, there could be some good reasons why the iPhone 13 isn’t like that.

For one thing, including Touch ID and Face ID would be an additional cost to Apple. If placed in the power button, Apple would have to completely redesign the first-party case to make the sensor available. Another option would be to hide it under the display, but the on-screen fingerprint sensor technology is likely not good enough by Apple’s standards.

iPhone 6 IOS 13

The last time Apple ended a supported device was during its iOS 13 update, which removed support for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, sixth-generation iPod touch, first-generation iPad Air, and third-generation iPad mini. That’s why WhatsApp limits their devices to only work on iPhone iOS 10 and above. iPhone 6 itself was first released in 2014 or 7 years ago. That is, the users are still there, and you could say there are still many. Since it is no longer possible to upgrade to the latest OS, there is no other safe solution for iPhone 6 users to switch to a newer phone.

iPhone13 Trailer

A much more reliable camera system. The screen is so responsive, every interaction feels new again, The fastest smartphone chip in the world. Specially sturdy. And a big jump in battery life. Super Retina XDR screen with promotion has several series of graphite gray, gold, silver, Sierra blue, and pink colors only on iPhone 13 pro max.

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