Whose definition of lifestyle?


Lifestyle can also be interpreted as everything that has characteristics, specificities, and procedures in the life of a particular society. According to Chaney (2003), lifestyle is a pattern of action that distinguishes one person from another. Chaney further explained that lifestyle is a set of practices and attitudes that make sense in specific contexts. So in this case, can be categorized in knowledge, attitudes and actions.

Lifestyle can be understood as a visible characteristic of a person, which marks the value system and attitudes towards oneself and the environment. According to Piliang (1998), lifestyle is a combination and totality of ways, procedures, habits, choices, and behaviour the objects that support it in its implementation are based on a specific value system or belief system.

According to Kasali (1998), lifestyle in principle is how a person spends his time and money. “lifestyle refers to the pattern of consumption reflecting a person’s choices if he or she spends time and money”. In general, it can be interpreted that lifestyle refers to consumption patterns that reflect a person’s choices in how to spend time and money.

 Who is the Lifestyle Centre?

1. Angelina Jolie

Angeline Jolie has been working for the United Nations since 2011. The charismatic actress came to the United Nations to lend a hand, working for refugees and displaced people. She worked for Tunisia, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, India, Syria and many more. Angeline Jolie founded an organization called the Jolie-Pit Foundation. This foundation focuses on rural poverty, natural resources and wildlife. Angelina Jolie’s third-biggest endeavour is for racial equality.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a woman who often speaks out against women’s rights violations. In her show “The Oprah Winfrey”, she often educates viewers on this issue.

Why Lifestyle is Important

Globalization provides easy access for the public to products that previously could not be enjoyed. One of the most noticeable is technological advances that provide a new way to shop through online shopping. As a result, it is difficult for today’s society to realize a balanced especially in terms of finances. In addition, people are now giving excessive attention and time to social media. Many buy or do something just to appear to exist on social media. Not to mention the ostentatious lifestyle that comes from being inspired by celebrities with materialism now feels very important.

The level of living needs of the community is increasing day by day. The process of international integration that allows the exchange of products between countries, known as globalization, has become one of the main causes of excessive consumption. People can have access to products that they could not previously consume.

How Lifestyle Can Affect Health

Lifestyle can affect health, especially mental health, and if you have mental health disorders or have relatives who suffer from this disease, you should immediately check with your doctor and ask for advice on what you can do to improve your mental health. Factors to consider are age, environment, and a proper diagnosis of your disease. Research shows that lifestyle changes can be made to improve a person’s mental health, including:

1. Healthy diet

Diet can affect your mental health, both positively and negatively. Fruits and vegetables can improve your mental health for the better.

2. Reduce stress

Balance your heavy work-life by doing activities that can reduce stress, such as doing a hobby you like.

3. Get enough sleep

You must have a regular sleep pattern. Reduce staying up late and eat food at the time before bed.

4. Regular exercise

Regular exercise is absolutely necessary because exercise, especially physical exercise, produces a fit body. Physical fitness is medicine to improve your mental health.