Tips Shopping after the pandemic occurred, the shopping world, whether it’s just buying staples or other items, became a routine agenda with family, which was usually done before the pandemic could shop near your home or shopping centre, but now everything has changed, you can’t linger in supermarkets and are confused about which goods to buy because they have the potential to transmit the virus. Shopping for necessities does not take much time. Apart from the unfavourable situation in the midst of the current corona pandemic, reducing time can also help you manage your time efficiently.

Avoid at peak hours

Tips Shopping is choose a time when people don’t like shopping. According to Frank Esper, MD, an infectious disease expert, he recommends that you shop early to avoid rush hour. Tips Shopping choosing the right time can also help you keep your distance, minimize contact, and provide enough space in the aisle.

Prepare a shopping list

Another tips shopping is to carry a shopping list of the most important things to carry after this your wallet and cell phone. Remember to include items that are important and definitely complement the daily needs of the family. So that you can shop in no time, it is recommended to prepare a list in advance. Write down what items you will buy. This can save you time for shopping while avoiding confusion in choosing the items you want to buy.

Self Shopping

Tips Shopping together is fun, but tips shopping separately, so you stay focused on what you want to buy, but if you want to tips shop together, that’s okay too. Besides that, it should be done alone and also reduce the potential for crowds to gather in one place, so if you want to shop, do it alone, or maybe just the two of you.

Wear a mask and avoid touching the surface of the item

Another tips shopping is wear a double mask, and this can prevent you from touching your face. So don’t get into the habit of taking items off the shelf just to check the price or composition without finally buying. While this is not the main way of transmission, it is still possible.

Limit people who shop

Another tips shopping most supermarkets or retail stores now have regulations to limit the number of people in their stores. Generally, in one store, customers are limited to between 15 to 20 people depending on the size and capacity of the store area. If the supermarket is already quite crowded, you should choose a quieter time.

Check Promos

When you know what promos are on offer, you no longer need to browse the aisles or shelves one by one to check the prices and discounts on each item. This saves not only your time but also your expenses.

Cash / Non-Cash

Tips Shopping of payment transactions when shopping has various ways from each supermarket. Through digital, such as using credit cards or banking or called non-cash, some use non-digital, or it can also be called cash, there are also some supermarkets with advanced technology, they use self-service systems, but are only available in certain countries.

Tips Shopping Options

Online shopping through online applications and using delivery services is the safest way. Because you don’t have to deal with a lot of people, the fun of tips shopping for online needs only requires a smartphone, and an internet connection and payments can be made online. In times of a pandemic like this, many people choose this option, because they think it’s easier and more practical, of course, it’s also safe. In contrast to offline shopping, because the situation has started to recover, many people are starting to dare to do offline in accordance with applicable health protocols.

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