The current online shopping trend is indeed significantly reduced for direct access to physical shopping. People tend to prefer to do with internet meet their needs and desires every day. Finally, this trend has also become one of the new traditions. There are also various offers given to make further people more interested in a online shopping website.

Online shopping party is one of the moments that many people have been waiting for, especially by promo hunters. Especially towards the end of the year, there are many online shopping parties with various lucrative promos. Every year, the number of online shopping party transactions continues to increase. As a result, online shopping 2021 has risen sharply.

The increasing factor of online shopping statistics 2021 is the cause of online shopping parties are increasingly rife. Here are some of the reasons why this trend of shopping become idols for users.

1. Every month is always there

Initially, shopping parties were only held at 11:11, by the beginning of The Single Day. However, this event developed and finally had almost every month on repeat dates such as 1.1, 2.2, and so on until its peak at 12.12. Usually, towards the end of the year, the promo held is getting louder and massive. 

This promo is finally not only done by web based businesses but also offline. In addition to this parties on beautiful dates and also often adapt the shopping phenomenon that has existed for a long time, such as Midnight Sale and Black Friday. 

2. Many people spend time at home

Since the pandemic, shopping with internet has increased rapidly because outdoor activities are limited, so that people spend more of their time on the internet and look for alternatives to shopping. 

According to Twitter, one of the most talked-about topics on Twitter is online shopping and gadget talk. If people usually can find entertainment by travelling to the mall, especially during the holidays, the pandemic makes these activities impossible or must be limited. To replace this, many people end up turning to online shopping.

3. A More Practical Shopping Experience

Shopping parties allow consumers to hunt for goods easily and practically. They can search for the items they want to buy just by entering keywords. In addition, this trend shopping can also do from smartphones, gadgets that are often used in everyday life.

With this convenience, consumers do not need to bother to get out of the house or get stuck. If usually when selling at the mall, the queue will be long, consumers do not need to linger in line to make transactions. As a result, consumers can save more time.

4. Cashless Transactions

Another convenience offered is the ease of making transactions. Currently, many online businesses and marketplaces cooperate with digital wallets. Thus, payment options are increasingly diverse. Even companies offer cash on delivery; it makes it easier for consumers when making transactions because everything is connected.

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5. More and more product choices

When a new online business emerges, the choice of products purchased online may still be limited. But now, this business ecosystem has grown so much that there are so many categories and types of products that products can purchase, ranging from fashion products, beauty, household appliances, baby needs to used goods. So, in addition to the ease of finding interests, consumers are also easier to compare prices for similar products.

6. Interesting and diverse promos

Many online shopping like Wish or D Mart online shopping offers various and exciting promos. Multiple businesses and brands are vying to provide promos that can attract consumers’ attention. Not just discounts or cashback, sometimes some companies and marketplaces also use creative ways for consumers to use promos through games. 

Online shopping party becomes a moment that business people can use as an opportunity to increase sales. Therefore, make sure you provide an easy and enjoyable shopping experience, diverse payment options, and unique and exciting promos to reach more consumers. Thus, consumers can be satisfied to shop and want to return to make transactions.